Behind The Scenes

Set Tour – Season One

Designed by James Lima, the innovative, cathedral-like set of the SeaQuest bridge was assembled on Stage 28 at Universal Studios, famous for housing Phantom Of The Opera decades earlier (where part of the original sets remained!)  The gallery below (courtesy of Fred Tepper) provides an exclusive look into the interior and exterior of the studio (now demolished) circa 1993, where signs and large banners announced the season premiere.  On the set, the full-size WSKR prop opened up for the episode ‘Bad Water’ and a rare look at the animatronic Darwin puppet resting in its cradle.  The final two pics are the World Power control Room from the season finale ‘Higher Power..’   


Production Art – Season 2/3

The relocation of the production to Orlando provided an ideal opportunity to revamp and upgrade the show’s futuristic look.  No longer would the submarine itself be restricted to the depths – indeed, SeaQuest 4600 II would now be able to surface and be docked beside a gleaming new UEO headquarters in the fictional city of New Cape Quest.

This binder of illustrations (incorporating the Directors set kit) comes from the archive of designer Mark Bradley, who worked on Seasons 2&3 and showcases his work alongside contemporaries such as John Eaves and Mark Simon.  Their combined talents would give season 2 a sleeker, more sci-fi based aesthetic that would endure for the remainder of the series.

Set Tour – Season 2

The relocation of the production to Orlando for the second season provided the opportunity to redesign the SeaQuest Bridge set to be sleeker and more dynamic, with the Captain afforded his own chair and the crew positioned forward at their consoles so they didn’t spent less time looking over their shoulders.  The set designers utilised and redressed much of the old set (corridors etc.) and new sets such as the Medbay and Crew shower rooms were introduced along with the wood-panelled interiors such as the Captain’s Quarters and Ward Room.

Below is a set of never-before-published images taken from the various sets created for the Season 2 stories, everything from the Bridge itself to UEO Headquarters and undersea caverns, providing an insight into the extraordinary efforts of the Production Designers and crew to create new and believable undersea environments each week…

Cast & Crew

Adriaan Mol“Gillboy HAC was an inside joke with the crew.  ‘Gillboy’ was the nickname for Michael DeLuise character and HAC was the Hollywood Athletic Club.  Dagwood would wear the t-shirt for it under his jumpsuit throughout the season..” 

Cast – Mychal Wayne

Actor Mychal Wayne was a cast member on SeaQuest 2032 and spent much of his screentime on the bridge set.  The gallery below is his scrapbook from his time on the show taken from his facebook page.  Among the familiar faces pictured with Mychal are Michael Ironside, Jonathan Brandis, Don Franklin, Kathy Evison, Peter & Michael DeLuise and Julia Nickson.

Cast – ‘Melissa’

This amazing set of images taken in and around the Universal Orlando lot were found on the facebook profile of somebody named ‘Melissa’ who apparently was an extra for the second and third seasons.   The images are dated between July and November 1995 and show Melissa on the Bridge and Maglev set and in the company of other background artists and stars such as Michael Ironside and Jonathan Brandis.  Melissa evidently appeared in the SeaQuest 2032 Episode ‘In the Company of Ice and Profit’ alongside first season star John D’ Aquino.  Melissa if you are out there please get in touch to share your experiences..!